customize landing pages: popup window?

Hi Dev Community,

For a particular list, I've created a subscribe form by having the code auto-generated.  What I want is to have the next interaction with the user take place in a popup, rather than navigating away from the page they were on.  That is, I want to pop up a window that says something like, "Thanks for your subscription," rather than taking them to an entirely separate page that says something similar.

Is it possible to use the "Customize Landing Pages" settings (initial confirmation page and/or secondary confirmation page) to do that?  If so, how would I achieve that result?


tobyb tobyb, 6 years ago

Hey oknoman,

Submitting to a popup is not something that we automatically handle, however if you just want the output rendered in a new window you have add the trusty target="_blank" to your form code i.e

<form action="#" target="_blank">

alternatively if you want to have a popup of a custom size etc then you can set the target via javascript

function myFormOnSubmit() {'about:blank','form_submit','...param s...'); = 'form_submit';
    return true;

Hopefully one of those methods will work for you.


hgw, 5 years ago


I managed to open a new window by javascript loading the initial subscription confirmation page.

But the form still loads on submit the initial confirmation page, too, into the original window - but I'd really like the people to stay on the original page after submitting.

This ist my code:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
 function myFormOnSubmit() {'', 'form_submit','width=1024,height=600'); = 'form_submit';     
return false;
// -->
<input onclick="myFormOnSubmit()" type="submit" value="Yes I register" />

Can the original page stay or be loaded again after pressing the submit button?

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

hi hgw,

If you main goal in this process is having people stay on the original page, the best thing is to give our ajax subscription form a shot. The form is submitted via ajax, and you can do anything you want with the processed result, by simply replacing the two alerts.

All the best with it,

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