Importing CSV files


I'm just trying to get my data imported for a large send out next week.  I have several Excel files that I'm saving as CSV and importing them into my subscriber list.

One file contained around 2000 entries.  It seemed to be ok but said that a lot of entries already existed, etc.  When I checked the final list there were about 75% missing.

I imported them 'manually' 200 at a time and loads more were added.  There seemed to be a regular pattern where 135 names imported, 63 already existed and 2 were suppressed 4 or 5 times.  It might have been coincidence.

Has anyone had anything similar?  Might there have been a corrupt line in the CSV file that stopped names being imported?


Andy Jacobs

tobystokes, 9 years ago

Yes, I have had dodgy csv files cause me problems.

If you're opening .xls files, and resaving as .csv, check in the original files for delimiter characters in the data, especially quotation marks and commas!

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