AddWithCustomFields - value to pass to 'Country' datatype field

Hello everyone,

I've just noticed that there is now a Country datatype for use as a custom field. I see that it creates a drop down list - very handy.

My question is this - I'm adding subscribers via the API using AddWithCustomFields. So far I've not been able to get a value inserted into the Country field this way.

Should I be supplying the full Country name or Campaign Monitor's own assigned values eg 781253 for United Kingdom.

What would have been good is if the values for the countries were the ISO Country Codes eg "UK"


tobyb tobyb, 7 years ago

Hey Nick,

You should be supplying the full name of the country as the field value. A full list of countries can be obtained from the API via the countries route:

nickcarpenter, 7 years ago

Many thanks Toby.

bc173, 6 years ago

Why not use the ISO country code for this? That's why ISO is for. Standards.

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