Table of contents — too restrictive?

Hello everyone.

It seems to me that the table of contents can only work on one repeater. I have two (or more) sections that would contain repeaters inside them, for instance...

— Item 1
— Item 2
— Item 3

— Item 1
— Item 2
— Item 3

But it seems I can only have a 'toc' in one repeater.

Is there another way to have a Table of Contents that can take titles from more than one 'section'?

Thanks in advance.

NateThompson, 6 years ago

I see someone else asked about this 5 months ago.

No dice.

Would be a nice feature, surely the ability to list a table of contents from multiple sections would be straightforward enough to implement.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Thanks for the neat suggestion, Nate. As Carissa mentioned in the earlier thread, it isn't possible at present to add multiple TOCs, I'm sorry to say.

I've added your vote for this request and will keep you posted if it's something we plan to add in a future update. Thanks again, and have a rad weekend ahead!

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TMS, 6 years ago

Could you add another vote to the list for this feature? It's exactly what I need, but at the moment I'm having to think of ways to work around this issue. Cheers.

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

@TMS, I've added your vote to this request also.

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