Have a great designer, looking for coders

... especially those to make my Outlook blues go away.

Have PSD, have most of the Campaign Monitor template done. Outlook keeps breaking it.

Needed for a specific job ASAP — but also looking to build good list of front-end coders for future reference.


dannyz, 6 years ago

I'm a designer but also have extensive knowledge of Outlook 07 limitations and work-arounds. I do emails daily for my organization and 80% of our clients use Outlook 07. I have been working on emails for about 4 years now. Here are a few emails I have done.

Design but most importantly, coded:




I know the importance of the lack of padding and margin support, background images, those annoying blue link boxes. TABLES MUST BE USED for Outlook 07.

Contact me at danny [at] zevallos . me

radial radial, 6 years ago

Hi Christine

Not sure if anyone has contacted you yet but this is certainly something I can help with.

Please drop me an email or give me a call and we can discuss further.
rad @ heliomail . com
+44 1202 375 368

Kind regards

Rad Dougall

^ someone replied as I did there :) some of the examples of email I have designed and coded (always with the worst offenders in mind, Outlook and Gmail) please see www.heliomail.com/portfolio

I'm an experienced web and graphic designer with a love for great email marketing content and I'm an active supporter of the Email Standards Project. I'm the founder of Heliomail.com which I use to generate revenue for, and add value to, our current web & e-commerce clients at StudioWorks.eu

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