You remember everyone that ever unsubscribed from a deleted list?


We have a list of suscribers but we will delete it.
It has 3 unsuscribers.

Can you remember the unsuscribers of this list after we deleted?

We want create a new list but that the unsuscribers from the old one dont be in the new one...


Stig Stig, 6 years ago


For each list in your account, unsubscribed addresses will automatically be added to a client wide suppression list (unless you change the default settings for the list).

So even if you delete those subscriber lists, the unsubscribed addresses should still remain on the suppression list to prevent them from being resubscribed. Just to make sure, you can double check that the unsubscribes are in fact on the suppression list, and you can also manually add any addresses that shouldn't be emailed.


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ghporras ghporras, 6 years ago

Super.. Thanks!

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