Due to a large sending volume ....


I've queued  my campaigns last monday 20 december and right now i'm still getting the message:

'Due to a large sending volume, your campaign has been queued and will send shortly. We'll send you an email the moment it's sent.'

It has been almost 2 days now, is something going wrong ?

Thx in advance.

Stig Stig, 6 years ago

Hi Mels,

Sorry for the hold up. We tried emailing you a couple days ago, but will reply to the email you sent now.


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Olive, 6 years ago

Hi Stig

I think we have the same problem, but have not seen anything about a large sending volume.
we scheduled a campaign to launch yesterday at 3:30pm but no confirmation email has arrived and no campaign reports have been activated. I can only assume there is some kind of hold up.

Can you let me know when the campaign will launch as its fairly time critical.

Many thanks

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi Olive,

I believe we replied to you via email about your campaign, but let us know if you haven't received a reply.

D. Potter
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