Support hours

What is the situation with support these days? Doesn't seem like there's anyone answering questions in a European or even US time zone. Lately it's been impossible to get a support answer within UK business hours.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Ian,

Apologies if you've been experiencing any significant delays. We always guarantee a reply within 12 hours, but also realize that can sometimes mean the next business day, which we agree isn't good enough.

You'll be pleased to know we're currently in the process of tripling our support team and extending it across different time zones to ensure we can guarantee a much faster reply. To date, all our support has bee done from our Australian office, but that's about to change.

acidproductUK acidproductUK, 9 years ago

Thanks for the response Dave. I know I've previously had pretty quick replies from you and others at what must have been un-godly hours in Oz, but I wasn't aware that all support was done from there. That actually makes past performance quite impressive, but the boost to support levels is very welcome!

Ian Davies
Acid Product
Audio Visual Presentations, Web Design, Print Design and Creative Technology Consultancy in Rugby, UK

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