Christmas Cards: 1 recipient, but more than 20 mails

Hi CM team,

first of all thanks for the time spent on my email. Your contact form is not working properly ... so I'd like you assist me with the next questions exposed here.

We are writting Christmas cards for our contacts. We'll send 1 per each contact. So, we'll send more than 20 mails.

I'm wondering ...
1. Is it possible to send an email with CM to 1 unique contact?
2. Do we have to pay 5$ for each Christmas Card? Is there another way to save money?
3. Any extra suggestion?

It's very urgent because we have to send now. In Spain is 12am, and we would like to send the Christmas cards before 2pm.

Thanks a lot!


davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hey Andrea,

Looks like you were able to get in touch with us directly at support and Stig was able to help.

For those who are wondering, the best way to handle this would likely be using custom fields and clever personalization to accomplish it, so you can send a single campaign out to the entire list.

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