Creating Campaigns on API v3


I've been really struggling to use the API to create a draft campaign. I'm consistently receiving either error 400 or 500 and I don't have a clue what is wrong.

This is the request:

$result = $wrap->create($client, array(
    'Subject' => $subject,
        'Name' => $campaignName,
    'FromName' => $fromName,
    'FromEmail' => $fromEmail,
    'ReplyTo' => $replyto,
    'HtmlUrl' => '',
    'TextUrl' => '',
    'ListIDs' => array('AA77CB8D21058B56', '9A684341AFD2414D'),
    'SegmentIDs' => array('2CEC985E9676DFE7', '680BD799ED61B678')

The above gives me this response:

object(stdClass)#22 (2) {
  string(68) "Sorry, we've run into a problem. Please try again or contact support"

If I try just giving one list id and one segment id or even just one list id like so:

$result = $wrap->create($client, array(
                    'Subject' => 'test subject',
                    'Name' => 'test campaign name',
                    'FromName' => 'test from name',
                    'FromEmail' => '',
                    'ReplyTo' => '',
                    'HtmlUrl' => '',
                    'TextUrl' => '',
                    'ListIDs' => 'AA77CB8D21058B56',
                    'SegmentIDs' => '2CEC985E9676DFE7'

I receive a 400 error:

object(stdClass)#22 (2) {
  string(110) "Failed to deserialize your request. 
Please check the documentation and try again.
Fields in error: campaign"

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me a hint as to what I am doing wrong here.

Thanks in advance!

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey there,

At a quick glance, it would appear that you're not using the correct ID values for your lists and segments. You appear to be using the values found in the URL for a list or segment in the app rather than using the API to retrieve the IDs of the relevant lists/segments.

You should not use ID values from the query string in the app. You should use the ID corresponding to the list/segment after retrieving the details of the list/segment using the API:

See Getting a client's subscriber lists and Getting a list's segments in the API docs.

jspurling, 6 years ago

ok I should have realised that - I just assumed they would be the same. I'll give that a go and confirm here if that fixes the problem.

and thank you very much!

jspurling, 6 years ago

Just to confirm that did the trick.

One thing worth noting is that in the php wrapper comments in csrest_campaigns.php it says that the text url is optional, which it is not.

tobyb tobyb, 6 years ago

Thanks for the heads up, the comments will be fixed in future versions.

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