get segments not working yet???


I'm pretty new to CM so excuse my questions if they are silly :)

I've just downloaded the new PHP wrapper ( ) and am trying out a few of the test examples. samples/list/get.php works fine, and returns the expected object.

samples/segment/get.php on the other hand does not seem to work :( It returns the following error:

Result of GET /api/v3/segments/{ID}
Failed with code 401
object(stdClass)#5 (2) {
  string(46) "Invalid SegmentID or the Segment doesn't exist"

In both cases there are only two places where I add my info. Both take 'Your API Key' which I of course provided, and the list function requires a 'List ID', which I was able to find and provide, and hey, it works. The segment function requires a 'Segment ID'. As I can find no place in the UI to get the segment ID, I'm taking it out of the url once I'm on that segments edit page (&segID=650E2258BE66D57D) so I'm adding '650E2258BE66D57D' as the segment ID.

Why is it not working? What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks,

Jonny, 6 years ago

User error :/ For anyone else who runs into this, you need to find the segment ID by using the ID corresponding to the list/segment after retrieving the details of the list/segment using the API. For a similar issue, and some links to what you're supposed to do, see this thread:

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