Having the To: field show the person's name

If when I import full names with my email addresses into my subscriber list, does that mean that when the recipient receives the email, it will show their actual name in the To: field?

Ie., instead of:

to: joesmith@hotmail.com

have it show as:

to: Joe Smith, or
to: Joe Smith <joesmith@hotmail.com>

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Hi Keven,

Thanks for your question. We send our emails in standard SMTP format with the To: header formatted as Joe Smith <joesmith@hotmail.com> where Joe Smith is the value in your account's Name field (not custom fields) and joesmith@hotmail.com is the value in the Email Address field.

This is what all email clients receive, but the way they display this information can vary, so therefore what is displayed in the To: field when viewing the email can change.

Variations can include:

* Joe Smith <joesmith@hotmail.com>
* Joe Smith [joesmith@hotmail.com]
* Joe Smith etc

KevenM, 6 years ago

Great!  Thank you

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