Forward to a friend personalization


When you use the <forwardtoafriend> page, you are required to give a Name for yourself and the 'Friend'

If you have personalised the contents of the email to use e.g. [fullname,fallback=recipient] it appears to be generating the forwarded email using the Senders name, not the Friend's name, as I would expect.

i have made a simple example to test this -

Feature or bug? (I'm leaning towards the latter, but there may be a perfectly sensible reason for it...


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Toby,

This is actually a feature. Our FtF feature works much the same as if you had actually forwarded the email to your friend yourself, so the original message remains intact. Their name is simply used in the mail headers to improve deliverability.

tobystokes, 9 years ago

Yes, the headers name and address works as expected.

But the body of email personalization via your [fullname] & [email]tags do the reverse of that!

(see the forward i just sent you)

Just to clarify, I would expect the personalization to apply to the recipient, as it does when the original campaign is sent.
If, i  'had actually forwarded the email to your friend yourself, so the original message remains intact' then the personalization would *not* use the sender's name and address provided on the FtF screen, but defer to the original personalization.

Or maybe I am missing something in my interpretation of the FtF link that is generated?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Toby,

Basically, the friend you're forwarding the email to will see exactly the same version that you did. The email comes from you, not from the original sender.

We can't maintain personalization for 2 reasons:

1. The friend would get a personalized email for something they've never even signed up for. We're not storing any of their contact details for privacy reasons, but this might lead them to think that their details have been captured.

2. Many emails we deliver don't just personalize name and email address, but other details like interest, age, etc. When forwarding the email, that data won't be available about your friend, so it's not even technically possible.

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tobystokes, 9 years ago

Ok, I agree with 1, and acknowledge 2, but then shouldn't the personalization use the fallback term?

tobystokes, 9 years ago

Sorry, have been doing some more testing and maybe I am missing something here:

I notice that every email or fwd has a unique FtF link.
Is this URL being used to encode the original recipients email address and name?
(I guess it must be, because the FtF page loads with these fields pre-filled, however, remain editable before resending)

Is this true, and would it be possible to create a non-personalized FtF link?

Thanks for your patience...

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