CM link activity report error?


I'm have an issue with the link activity report in CM: rather than report on clicks on a single url, often CM reports this as two links, the difference between them is that the period is missing after the www for eg:

actual url is:

reported url as above PLUS the following reported as a second link:

The link is OK in the email as all links are full-tested prior to transmission so it seems that CM is removing the period for some click throughs and reporting one link as two.

This issue confuses our clients (!) but, more importantly, is this just an error in CMs reports or are some recipients getting a bad link when redirected?

Anybody else come across this?


PS the url parameters after the ? are for tracking in Google Analytics.

bluesnapper bluesnapper, 9 years ago

I should have mentioned that the is a dummy to protect the innocent! Also my posting has truncated the full url...

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Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Thanks for dropping us a line about this Andy, I'll pass this on to our developers who will follow it up directly.

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