Embedding youtube and conditionnal fall back image (with link on it)

Hello there,
I'm wondering if it was possible, in a template threw Campaign Monitor, to embed a youtube video, and apply a conditionnal code, to switch from a fall back images, if the video is not recognized in the mailbox (it happens for exemple, in yahoo.com : I've embedded a youtube video, but this video is not shown in the newsletter)

Thanks for your help

cremaster, 6 years ago

No answers ? No genious in here ;-)

JD JD, 6 years ago


You may want to take a look our resource here for embedding video in emails: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/videoinemail/ . You can probably create a "conditional code" to show an image in place of the video, however, that conditional code may also not work in every email client. Our recommendation would be to link the video (hosted on your website) and direct people to the video from that point. Remember, using that method will allow you to track who clicked the link and went to see the video (if you desire to have that reporting). Thanks!

Campaign Monitor Support
cremaster, 6 years ago

Thank you your answer JD,
Well, I've alreay read the link above, but it's does'nt fit my needs. Hosting vidéos on a website, is far more complicated to manage compared to the embedd method of youtube.

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


Unfortunately, embedding videos just offers extremely limited support in email. The best option there is to show a background image when the video doesn't load, but background images themselves offer limited support, and the techniques to fallback to a background image offer even more limited support. It's really not optimal. As JD said, with the current state of video in email your best bet is unfortunately to link to the video on a website.You could even just link to it on youtube itself.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
style campaign style campaign, 6 years ago

Like Diana mentioned, embedded video has almost no support. I think just Outlook 2000 (& maybe 03) last time I tried. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo allow you to view a YouTube video from within an email. Here's a screencast: http://tinyurl.com/4tbsvdc

Other than that HTML5, VideoGifs, Goodmail under AOL or a static screenshot to a landing page are your only real options.

- Anna

cremaster, 6 years ago

Ok. I've understood that actually, embedding video directly into a newsletter is not fully compatible. That's Ok, but my question is :
Is it possible to create a template (threw CM panel) where i can upload an image, put a link on this image, in order to go to the online version of THIS newsletter (but with the youtube vidéo embedded on it) ?

In the CM panel, i don't see the way, to create an alternate version of the newsletter created.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi cremaster, if you have already coded an HTML email template, you can import it to our editor and add images/links as you see fit. Note that you can't create a template from scratch in the Campaign Monitor app itself, however we have a pretty neat selection of templates to help get you started.

If you host a webpage with the youtube video embedded via your own hosting, then you can link to that from your campaign. Alternately, you can just link to the YouTube video directly.

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cremaster, 6 years ago

Well thank you for your response roshodgekiss, but i would like to fill the common content of these two newsletters on the CM panel with Tags and "Repetitions", and make just an alternative version concerning the youtube video embedded (for the online version).
As i can see, it's not possible to do it with Campaign Monitor ? Campaign Monitor is only able to send a newsletter and attach this newsletter to an online version, isnt' it ?

If yes, it really doesn't fit my need, because, i don't want to use again and again Dreamweaver to fill the content of this two newsletters. In my opinion, this is the limit of the CM system, when you want to make an advance newsletter (different content for mail newsletter and online version), that's impossible to do in the panel.


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