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Hey all,

We are developing an html emailer for our church and I had a question.  I searched the blog for answers, but couldn't find any, so here goes:

I've designed our first newsletter and am testing it in several apps/browsers.  I know that you have to use inline styles for gmail...does that mean you have to make two separate html files?  Do you need one with the internal style sheet and one with inline styles?

Also, the background color attribute is not working in Yahoo mail for me.  If anyone has any thoughts / suggestions, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago


You don't need to to do versions, but it does mean if you want to have the css shown in Gmail you will need to do inline styles all the way. That version will work for other email clients too.

Background colour is definitely supported in Yahoo - there may be some other issue going on in your file that is stopping it from showing up. Perhaps you can link to a URL for your html page?

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Abiding Savior, 10 years ago

Hey, thanks for the reply.  My html is at

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Can you give us a screenshot of the problem you are seeing, and let us know which version of Yahoo! Mail you are on. Does the background not show up at all? That will help narrow down the problem.

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jmp909, 9 years ago

don't rely on CSS and XHTML for emails. use tables and inline styles.

the <body> tag will generally be ignored with web-based clients as they have their own <body> tag since they are an html page themselves.

use a <table bgcolor...> or <td bgcolor...>

for your main background colour use a 100% width table


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