All emails into Junk folder! - can someone help please

Hi all
I have sent out some low volume (25 staff emails to same client) for a test shot, but they all went into the junk folder at my client. It was a simple HTML email doc, and passed all the tests. It also looked great at that clients email when sent by myelf, so so far so good. Yet C M blew it...

The emails were set to come from that client in the from box as well, and all the from data was correct.

I haven't cleared the server in C M with adding the TXT file to the DNS records, as there mail host won't allow it. I am thinking this may be the issue here. In C M stats, it says all were delivered (no bounce) but as I say, they all went into the spam folders.

Is it end of story for me using C M, or is there another way around this?

In the future, I can try and gain new email addresses by encouraging them to sign a form on C M, BUT right now that is not relevant, as I have 500 good addresses (existing clients) I want to email.

Any ideas?

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


Emails ending up in filters is almost always related to the content itself - something in the subject or content that is being flagged as spam in some way, and every filter is a little different.

In this case though, it could be the problem of using the 'from' domain the same as the 'to' domain, as described here:

That can sometimes be resolved on the recipient end by whitelisting the from address, or otherwise tweaking the settings to allow the emails through. If that is the problem, it won't impact anyone at other domains, just the 'from' domain.

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Alamar, 6 years ago

Many thanks for your in depth reply.
I am not sure on both points though, as I tried sending this exact email previously, and it arrived at that client fine.
(coming from my own email address and server).

And the 'from field' of the email sent via Campaign Monitor is live, it is the director of this company, and had the correct name and address exactly.

I also tried sending the same email via C M from myself as the 'from field', and to another email account I use (none hotmail type) and that also went into spam, even though the from field looked exactly like the detail I see in my normal email from field, and it went fine to that address from my other account.

I think it is an issue with the DNS TX files. I was hoping it wasn't but so far, that seems the only thing left to be wrong.

Any more insight would be great please, I really want to use the C M service!

marchman, 6 years ago

We experienced a similar thing where a lot of our emails were ending up in junk mail filter.

There are a number of things you need to be aware of regarding the design. Like size of fonts, number of images in relation to entire email and complexity of HTML. Some these have been documented so may be worth looking at what is in the email coding.

We also found the language you use plays a big part in classifying your email as spam. Words like free and offer in the content elevate the likelihood of your email getting caught in spam. Have a search for words to avoid in content and more importantly in the subject line. One that kept on getting us was "Hi" used for the promotion of Viagra but also used as a common greeting. Another one to be aware of is "Click here".

You also need to bare in mind the spam filter test is set on the default setting. Most companies set this a little higher. Ways round this are to send out a simple text email first with no HMTL. Then to follow up with a simple HMTL. Once the server has a couple of emails through the wall they are a little more receptive to receiving complex emails. Lastly outlook 2010 by default puts your email in a junk mail folder unless the recipient is in the contacts list. Encourage people to add your email to your their list or use a personal email (Clients) as the from email.

In my experience this is not a CM problem but a general spam issue. You will find the same coming from any other mail app. Best of luck.

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