Know of any email newsletter design conferences?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a conference in the US that is specific to best practices/tips/tricks for email newsletter design? I've been wanting to go to one but not sure if there's one like that out there.

Thanks in advance!

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

We're not aware of a conference specifically on that topic, though email design does get discussed at broader web conferences (for example, we'll be speaking at WebStock next month on the topic).

Web designers overall have not been terribly keen to do HTML email so it doesn't get a lot of airplay. Please do email conference organisers though, and let them know you'd like to see it on the program! The more people that do that the more chance that we or others will be able to provide it.

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josydaisy, 6 years ago

thanks Mathew!

nsimon, 6 years ago

Not to advertise a different e-mail provider, but ExactTarget puts on a conference every year called Connections in Indianapolis, Indiana. Skip all their company seminars and you can get good design, implementation and strategy ideas. They usually have designer specific forums and one-on-one training as well. 3 day event and a huge party every night. 1000's attend.

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

There's also the Email Summit 2011 coming up soon in Las Vegas.

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