Need a help.

I need to integrate campaign monitor to our product. So I need to login to campaign monitor site through our site without displaying campaign monitor login screen. And also need to send subscriber email addresses from our side (email addresses in our application database) to campaign monitor. I downloaded that "createsend-dotnet.dll" and did some research on it.(I use ASP.Net and C#). But I couldn't find exact way to do that.

Can I have some samples for that in ASP.Net and C#?

Thanks in advance

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey there,

You probably don't need to "login" to Campaign Monitor, if you're able to use your API key to achieve everything you need to by making API calls to Campaign Monitor.

Assuming you are using the createsend-dotnet library, you should take a look at the subscriber samples included with it.

The samples include BasicAdd, AddWithCustomFields and BatchAdd, which demonstrate how to import subscribers into Campaign Monitor which it seems you need to do.

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