Typical Bounce Rate?

We recently did a mailing for a new e-mail campaign client. They provided a list of 1200 that they collected from contacts at a tradeshow and people that made online orders at their store; about half of the e-mails they provided bounced (about half soft bounce, half hard bounce). I don't see any pattern to the domains that bounced.

Are these numbers typical for a fresh list? I realize that the list might be less accurate because there had to be some sort of data entry that went on to enter the contacts into the computer. But half of 'em bouncing seems a little high to me.

Things I can check? Something I'm missing? More info that I need to provide?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Tradeshow lists are notorious for having higher bounce rates (at least in our experience), so it could certainly be normal, and depends on how they got the names, how long ago etc. For more on what the bounces mean see our help page.

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