Can our client have sub accounts and sync mailing list?

We have a client that is already set up under our account reseller account. They are a franchised company and have about 60 stores. They would like to offer a newsletter system to each franchisee. The way they would like for it to work is "Corporate" would have all of the main email address with segments for each franchise location. Then once they would set up an account for a particular franchisee they will be synced with their segmented list that is managed by corporate.

So the main points/questions are:
Can we set up sub accounts to current clients that when the sub account logs in they only see their info?

And secondly can segmented list with the main account (Corporate) be synced or assigned to a sub accounts?

- Eric

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hey Eric,

You can set up each franchisee as a separate client in your system so they have their own logins and set of subscriber lists. There's no built in way to have a master segmented list populate a list in a client account, so you'd either have to manage it manually (import the segment as a standalone list in their account) or use our API to build yourself a script to do it automatically.

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