I might be totally dumb: Include contact name AND email address?

Hi All
I am compiling a 110 list of recipients. And I have various contact name formats with email address:
Info supplied was like this:
John Dough, john.dough@domain.com
Mr Brian Wilson, brian.wilson@doamin2.com
Roger Walker, r.walker@domain3.com

Will these land in the inbox ok at the client end (in theory pending spam settings there end)

Or do I have to follow the convention:
John Dough, john.dough@domain.com
Brian Wilson, brian.wilson@domain2.com
R Walker, r.walker@domain3.com

The detail I am worried about is the Name field. Should it work out ok with the first list (as supplied by the clients)
Is the Recipient Name field be changed by a client at that PC?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Alamar, forgive me, but I am a little unsure of your concern here. Are you planning to use personalization in your email campaigns?

The first list format looks fine. If you are planning to use personalization (ie. [firstname,fallback=customer] ), then I recommend you remove titles like Mr, Mrs, Dr etc. Either way, featuring the recipient's name alone shouldn't raise any spam flags.

Recipients can change their details after they have received the campaign, if you link to a subscriber preference center. Hopefully this clarifies things for you :)

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