Real quick one regarding Outlook 2007

EDIT: New Question.. is it possible to remove the padding from nested tables when displayed in Outlook?

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Hi, thanks for clicking. Skip straight to bottom of the post for just my question.

My mentor tells me that it IS possible to create a neat HTML newsletter using divs for display in Outlook 2007.

After failing and trawling many forums I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible with divs and that tables are the best option. Unfortunately all of the posts recommending tables are rather dated, so I just wanted to make sure I'm right before I use tables and bet her she can't replicate with divs.

So my question is- here, in 2011, do we really STILL have to use tables to effectively display a HTML newsletter in Outlook 2007/10?

JacobB, 6 years ago

It is 2011 however as many users have found out the hard way, email standards are not up to date. Some clients support HTML div's but no where to the extent a browser will so for positioning and layout, I highly recommend tables.
It is also worth while to drop by the Campaign Monitor resources page as they have loads of handy guides to get you going the right way with HTML emails.
Nettuts also had a handy article on starting out with HTML emails which is also a good read for a newbie.

j8ey, 6 years ago

Thanks for the help Jacob :)

j8ey, 6 years ago

New Question.. Is it possible to remove the padding from nested tables being displayed in Outlook?

iamelliot iamelliot, 6 years ago

yes, hard to tell without seeing the code, but try cellpadding="0" and cellspacing="0" on the table tag, there shouldn't be too much else but watch out when nesting lots of tables.. adter about 6 or 7 it starts to go haywire and you get random rendering issues.

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