Rounded Corners without Java OR Images? Is it possible guys?

Hi All

I thought this was impossible, but I found this:

Has anyone actually run a Campaign with something like this?

I am really trying to avoid images for most of my Campaigns, as I am sending to clients in the Financial Sector
and most recipients (accountants and lawyers) have images turned of in their email programs.

If Campaign Monitor check this out for compliance, can they they add it as an approved
template? Thank you in advance.

iamelliot iamelliot, 6 years ago

on this they've basically rebuilt the pixels that would have made up the rounded corners in an image, with background colour specified in CSS. You could do something similar with tables and bgcolors, which would work in email, though you run the risk of bloating code if you do it too much.

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi folks, you may want to also check out our guide to CSS3 in email - unless you try something funky with background colors like Elliot states, there isn't really a reliable way to display rounded corners. Thanks for posting this example, though!

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