Update a campaign after scheduling for sending


Is there any way to change the campaign after scheduling it for a future date, without deleting? Reply ASAP. Thnx

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


You can always update a campaign, even if it has been scheduled. There is no need to delete it. The only time you can't update is if it has been sent.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
rajithe, 6 years ago

Is it possible to do this through the API? If so what are the API calls to do this when using the c# API? (I did a good research but couldn't find any)

Phil Phil, 6 years ago


Not it's not possible to update a campaign after scheduling in the API. If you wish to modify an already scheduled campaign, your best bet is to delete the old campaign and recreate it with whatever modifications you need.


rajithe, 6 years ago

Is there a specific reason for CM to omit this feature whereas it is included in many other popular mail providers? Are you planning to implement it for the API in the feature cuz I find this feature very useful and faced the problem of not having it in CM when migrating functions from another mail provider to CM.

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