What can we add or improve in 2011?

Now the holidays are well and truly over for all of us, we'd love to hear what you would like to see added to the app and give you the opportunity to suggest how we can improve our service in general.

In 2010 we released:

- Autoresponders
- Monthly pricing
- A brand new API (V3)
- New JavaScript based charts
- Brand new design and spam testing UI
- Click overlay report
- Edit your campaign in the browser
- Mobile optimised versions of the reports
- A new import process for all campaigns
- Nice improvements to our approvals process

We kicked off this year with a new social sharing feature and a few more API improvements for good measure.

Many of these releases were a direct result of your feature requests, suggestions and feedback, so you can be sure that we'll be recording all your ideas internally and giving them loads of thought.

So now, it's over to you. Is there a process in the app that we could tighten up? A feature you would like to see? Or, is there a blog post or resource that you would like to see published to help you do your job better? Give us the heads up in this thread.

Jasonh1234 Jasonh1234, 6 years ago

I'd like to see CM a little more customizable. (Custom button images for one)

Also... something kind of like this for the existing RSS feeds....


michele, 6 years ago

I'd give the possibility to access the reports of the campaigns to specific users.

Sometimes customers ask me if is possible allow temporary users  to access a specific report.

eyoung eyoung, 6 years ago

Multiple login access into a single account - it would be great if you could set up a company with one main account, but give people within different departments their own login to only access the campaigns and templates they've been allocated. we've had numerous occasions where we sign up a specific department of a company and they love it so much they tell the other departments, when they join up its makes sense to put them all under the same account but they have to share the login and that could get tricky.

Reporting on segmented lists - segmenting is a great feature, it would be even more amazing if you could send out a campaign to a subscriber list with segments and watch the reports show up on how each of the segments are interacting with your campaign.

I dont know if these are features are hugely popular but these are just a couple of things i've noticed when using your system.

Jasonh1234 Jasonh1234, 6 years ago

I 2nd what eyoung said.

jerallyn jerallyn, 6 years ago

- Multiple images and titles inside a template repeater.
- Give template 'titles' the same full text editor as 'descriptions'. There is currently no styling whatsoever available for titles.
- Ability to duplicate a draft campaign.
- "Remember Me" option when you log in to the forum.

trexart, 6 years ago

This has been mentioned before in the forum, but the ability to have odd/even templates in a repeater. It would really break wide open templates if there were a way to do this.


BThies BThies, 6 years ago

• Multiple repeaters

• Multiple title/description tags within repeaters

• Multiple images within repeaters

These three can easily be accomplished without breaking all the previously implemented templates currently in the system.  Simply number the elements (i.e. <repeater1> or <$title1$> or <$description1$> or <img src="<$imagesrc1$>"/>).  Set current non-numbered tags to 0.  Etc. etc.

• Add align and width as advanced options for images within the editor.

• As mentioned in an above post, allow full editing capability on title tags, and PLEASE use <div>'s for them instead of <p> tags.

• For <p> tags embedded in the description tag - auto set the margin-top to 0px and provide a way to adjust the margin-bottom within the editor.

• Get rid of the copy & paste pop-up window - a n n o y i n g.

• Full if/then functionality for CM tags, custom fields, repeaters, etc.

• Export to PDF ability using an integrated service like pdfcrowd.com

• Add a link on step 4.1 (Test your campaign) to go directly to update HTML rather than having to go back to the snapshot and then update it.

• Better reporting on link clicks and a way to export the data pre-sorted by link

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
michele, 6 years ago

Reduce the cost of monthly subscription.

MailChimp offers the same service at half price (with 0-1000 subscribers for free):

Jasonh1234 Jasonh1234, 6 years ago
michele :

Reduce the cost of monthly subscription.
MailChimp offers the same service at half price (with 0-1000 subscribers for free):

Yeah I've found since starting my rebrand that this is the single biggest reason I don't have more clients. :-/

sgiam, 6 years ago

I agree with so many things shared here in particular the items that would result in greater flexibility with repeater items including multiple images and nested repeaters.

I would also add some sort of SSO solution would be desirable. Whether OAUTH based or some sort of protocol that could facilitate not having to supply a client with multiple logins for different solutions we provide them with.  Combine this with multiple account access and that would be ideal.

I also liked the idea of being able to break down reports by segment.

transformer, 6 years ago

I'd like to see Outlook play ball, but seriously...

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 6 years ago

You guys are falling behind the in ESP market, so my advice is to listen to your forum feedback that seems to be circulating for months and months with only a standard political response.

What you've done is top notch, but you have to feel the door is open to jump ship over to other ESP's such as Mailchimp.

www.phenom.com.au - Everything Email.
Email: jordan.hunt@phenom.com.au Skype: fyredefyre
markwittens, 6 years ago

- Multiple images and titles inside a template repeater.
- Odd/even classes for repeated rows and while you're at it: Adding extra classes like "first", "last" and "row-X" would make it even better!

michele, 6 years ago

Allow to allocate a single "monthly plan" for more clients.

We are a web agency and use your system for newsletter forms (and autoresponders) in the customer websites (every website have maximum 50/60 subscribers) and I'd like to active a single "Pay per month" for all my customers with few subscribers lists.

michele, 6 years ago

In the email preference center is available a link "unsubscribe from all" but a customer/client that have a lot of lists (some only for internal use) might not want that a user to unsubscribe from all.

Please give the possibility to hide it or change in "Unsubscribe from this list"... only that list.

michele, 6 years ago

possibility to show all records (and not only 20 for page) in the subscribers list grid

possibility to archivie a list but still with view the reports… sometimes a client decide to close a list (for reduce a mountly plan) but would still like to see the historical reports.

tfe, 6 years ago

It would be great to have more flexibility over invoicing for self-billing option so CreateSend.com doesn't appear on card statements.

Perhaps using PayPal as a payment option funds could be deposited directly to the reseller and an invoice generated between the reseller and client.

The CM charges could then be taken directly from the reseller using stored credit card details.

michele, 6 years ago

Free spam-test service or create a "light" version for verify only spam filter results (without screenshots email client service)

yiannip, 6 years ago

Per other users

1. Multiple login access into a single account

2. Ability to export/download all reporting activity for a campaign in one file (who opened, who clicked, who bounced etc.)

3. Stay competitive with other services like MailChimp

njackson, 6 years ago

The ability to have a preference center for each list, rather than the global version currently available, which makes this functionality unusable for us.

Cédric Cédric, 6 years ago

- Custom subdomain per customer (better for deliverability)
- Customers & Lists & Subscribers Scoring (mix of open, click, bounce, share, forward and spam complaints rates)
- Better ways to remove inactive subscribers
- SSL certificate per customer

Ben Millard, 6 years ago

First and most important thing: Campaign Monitor is by far the best mailing system I've used. The breadth and depth of it makes it the market leader, imho. Given that, the costs are a bargain. Incidentally, the link activity overlay is my favourite new feature of 2010.

We've only made a couple of template solutions in Campaign Monitor because, as mentioned above, client requirements would usually require a bit more repeater control than the system currently offers.

1) Graphical bullet lists produced with HTML tables are commonplace due to terrible CSS support in e-mail software. But these cannot be used within repeaters sections since the list would have to be a nested repeater; or it must always have the same number of items.

2) Control over formatting in the WYSIWYG is lacking; maybe there are workarounds to this. For compatibility, every hyperlink usually needs a style attribute. But creating a new hyperlink doesn't pick up the style attributes from other links.

When importing a fresh campaign, you can tick "import my CSS" or similar, which takes the <style> element and converts into style attributes. Something like that could work around this particular limitation.

3) Please support the BBCode [list] and [*] tags on this forum.

4) Please say which topic I'm replying to when editing or previewing a message, Currently, it just isn't shown - quite confusing when browsing multiple topics!

I have a list of glitches and client-driven requirements which couldn't be met via the templating and WYSIWYG. Now I've found this helpful forum, I'll search for previous answers and contribute descriptions and ideas. (As and when my schedule permits, naturally!)

New features might grab headlines but the, reliability refinement and completeness of existing features are what set Campaign Monitor apart, for me.

(EDIT) After submitting this reply, I am sent here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=17734#p17734

But the actual URL is here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=17734#comment-17734

Redhouse Lane Communications
typeshape, 6 years ago

1. Clone entire autoresponders easily
2. Send Me A Test Email on autoresponders ( both individual autoresponder emails + the whole set in order )

Jdawg2k, 6 years ago

My vote goes to eyoung's post (3rd).

But also, I would like to see a tag for a "subscribe" page. This could be similar to the Preferences template, instead with a simple sign up form. I usually don't have access to my client's website so I have to create a page on my own hosting provider, create a subdomain for each client, paste the code and create a link in the client's template to navigate to the custom page I created. This is a lot of steps for something that could be easily automated.

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