Segmenting data

Hi there.. I'm importing 20k entries of data I want to format as best as possible in csv form before flying into CM.

In the current excel spreadsheet I'm working with, there are various fields for address, not organised brilliantly well. For example, the county 'Hampshire' could be represented as 'Hants' or 'Hampshire' and appear in two separate columns for the same spreadsheet entry (or person in the spreadsheet).

When imported into CM, I intend to segment by location. So my work around for the lack of synergy in the spreadsheet was to take data entries from the various columns (i.e. hants, hampshire, etc) and import them into one cell in the excel spreadsheet.

However segmenting data in CM only allows me to organise data using the 'equals' function which requires an absolute data value match. Ideally I'd like to select a 'contains' option where the data can be segmented by cells that contain one or multiple values that match (like a keyword search).

Is there any work around that can do what I need? Or, is it literally a matter or going through each entry in the spreadsheet and organising the data correctly before import.

Many thanks,


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Peter, I'd recommend cleaning up your spreadsheet first, keeping in mind that conditional statements may not pick up all variations (not to mention typos).

If you sort the location name column alphabetically in your spreadsheet software, you should be able to mass edit the entries fairly rapidly.

Ah, memories. I used to spend a lot of time cleaning up spreadsheets in this manner. Just be glad that you're not working with Indian city/province names.

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