Forward to a Friend - Optional text.

Hi - is there anyway of forcing a user to put text in when forwarding to a friend? 

My client is concerned that if a recipient doesn't put any text in the optional text box, then they get the message with the original user name as the personalised details, but nothing at the top of the message body to say that it was a forwarded message.

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Unfortunately not, this field is optional. It is a decent point however that this field should be required to make sure the person doing the forwarding puts a relevant message in. We'll definitely discuss this internally.

texmarshall, 9 years ago

Or maybe include the first line of the text saying it is a forwarded message - whether they include their own optional text as well. 

Our client was also not happy that one of their recipients could go to the 'forward a friend' page, change their own name details, which would then change the personalised details on the message that was being forwarded.

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