Inconsistent rendering - Outlook 07

Have designed and email campaign and had it coded up by an experienced programmer. Our problem is that whilst it displays correctly in all email clients (we even ran the campaign monitor $5 test) and tested in our own Outlook 07, our client (using Outlook 07) is seeing something different. I have sent to a couple more people in her office and once has it displaying correctly whilst the other doesn't. This is the way it should (and according to our tests, does) look:

but this is what is being seen

Please help!

many thanks

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hey Heather,

It's kind of tough to tell exactly from the small screenshot what's going on, but is it that there are images that are larger than they should be? That's what it looks like. If that's the problem (and it keeps going on further down) what it might be is that they've set the display in windows to enlarge. It's under the display settings, to boost everything up to 150% or so. For some reason in Outlook all it does is enlarge images and it breaks designs. There isn't really anything you can do other than have them set their settings back down to see the correct display.

Odds are, no matter what, since it's displaying correctly most everywhere, that it's either a setting in Windows for them or a setting in Outlook to enlarge or zoom and that's what's breaking it.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
BThies BThies, 6 years ago

Some issues that caught my eye:

• Your font tags at the top have two colors in each - should only have one.
• Your tables should all have border="0" in them to allow cells to add correctly.
• Avoid using colspans/rowspans. Use nested tables as much as possible.
• Doctype should be set as XHTML 1.0 Transitional, with a meta tag showing content set to utf-8
• Around line 279 (the section with the "WELCOME" headline, you're missing a closing </tr>
• Around line 320 (right before "TitletogohereTitletogohere..."), you're missing a closing </tr>
• Around line 500 you have double p tags surrounding a font tag.  For OWA and back-up support, you only need to surround p and div tags with one font tag.

The overall code could use an overhaul for less bloat, and also better structuring to prevent email clients from causing display issues with the rowspans/colspans.

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
hetha77, 6 years ago

Thanks very much to both of you. It turned out to be just the one person's computer that was rendering incorrectly - Diana I suspect it is what you suggested. However thank you for the other  advice, corrected the tags and will take advice into consideration with new emails.

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