Excel and Campaign Monitor Syncing

After I upload my Excel information to Campaign Monitor, how do I continually sync these two lists without having to manage both?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi lilysfund, welcome to the forums! At present, there isn't a way of automatically syncing an Excel spreadsheet with a Campaign Monitor list. However, keep in mind that even if you periodically reimport your Excel list, any duplicates will not be imported and folks who have unsubscribed from your email newsletters will remain unsubscribed.

The other option is to manage your lists from one of the CRM titles that do sync with us. You can also export your subscribers from Campaign Monitor at any time. Hope this helps!

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marcsaffar, 6 years ago


I have a client with near the same kind of problem.
He has about 20 different Excel files he keeps updated.
He use at this time a competitor of CM and can import directly his excel files with the same capabilities than CM :
duplicates, unsubscribers, etc.

He would like to switch to CM but is afraid at the idea to be obliged to save as .csv his 20 files each time he wants to import them in CM to update his subscribers list.

As I know CM can't import Excel files (.xls, he use Excel 2007) at this time.
Have you any idea to solve this problem which will help to gain a new customer.



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