Pricing emergency... MailChimp, Contactology, etc.

All my clients probably close their accounts on CampaignMonitor because prices are too high over other competitors.

I'm searching an alternative until CM reduce the mounthly price.

MailChimp half price but not have whitelabel... but today I have found a new email marketing service, Contactology:
WhiteLabel, free spam check, surveys, 25% discount on monthly and pay-as-you-go plans and the price, etc.

It seems to me excellent and I would ask if anyone has already used this service and could tell me the limitation respect to CampaignMonitor.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 6 years ago

There's so many ESP's on the market, it depends on what you're looking for. For pricing alone Campaign Monitor wouldn't be your choice, however other providers such as Contactalogy sound like they are not as user friendly and instead rely on uploading HTML to create emails.

If your clients are relying on you to create their emails then it'd make sense to choose a cheaper provider, especially as how you build the campaign is up to you. For any client wishing to setup emails themselves and have control I would recommend Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp. - Everything Email.
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michele, 6 years ago

Honestly speaking if MailChimp create whitelabel service, CampaignMonitor is dead!

CampaignMonitor is the favourite service from webagency, MailChimp from final user.
The problem is that the final user with MailChimp receive the same thing for free or half price respect from webagency that reseller CM service.

I think that CM would be create a separate price list for us webagency (30/40% discount) and offer free service for 1-500 subscribers.

ghporras ghporras, 6 years ago

For us the problem have been the pricing too.
I dont know how to sell our Service with the prices of Campaing Monitor.
My last client sent me this list:
Suppostly the best services in email marketing and all of them has better prices that our service...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi ghporras, thank you so much for your ongoing feedback - we're listening. As Jordan was saying earlier, if you simply look at a flattened breakdown of the ESPs out there, then Campaign Monitor is never going to come out best in terms of price. However, if you're looking for a solid user experience, 24/7 support, ability to rebrand the interface and a model that doesn't force you to pay more as your needs change, then you and your clients may consider our pricing to be solid value.

My advice is to firstly evaluate your clients' needs beyond price point. Are they after a solid visual editor? Is social sharing important to them? Secondly, as designers, we all need to look at how we can offer value, let it be through template design, reporting or good old fashioned consultation. Here's a couple of other ideas, too.

The bottom line is that we've always focused on providing the best possible experience for designers and their clients. It isn't necessarily going to be the cheapest experience, but we're doing our best to make sure that it's worth it.

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ghporras ghporras, 6 years ago

Thanks Roshodgekiss...

It will be good to have a list of differentiating features with the other well known email platforms...

You told about:
- Solid user experience
- 24/7 support
- Ability to rebrand << its for us the designers, not for a client.
- Solid visual editor
- Social sharing
- Template design
- Reporting
- Best experience...

I have read features of other platforms and most of them have these items...


dreamten, 6 years ago

I just had my biggest client complain about the cost of campaign monitor.  They were astonished when sending an email to ~6000 people cost them over $120.  I'm switching them to a monthly plan, but now their monthly subscription plan is going to be twice the cost of using Constant Contact or MailChimp. You guys have a great product, but are going to lose a lot of customers with your high prices when other providers are offering the same thing for less.

ghporras ghporras, 5 years ago

Have CM working in a differentiating features with the other well known email platforms?
In 10 months we havent had a new client. People are prefering other plataforms by the price...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi ghporras, we generally steer away from contributing to these rather flat feature comparisons, as they don't accurately convey what we're on about here - providing a good experience for designers and clients. From the feedback we've had from resellers, most clients have been happy to pay reasonable rates for a service that provides ease of use and good support - on this dimension, not all email services are on a level playing field, after all.

In honesty, the 'We have more features than xyz company!' game is one that cannot be won. We have a case study with one of our successful customers who has focused instead on bundling services (eg. web and template design) and delivering a good pitch - you may get some inspiration from them, too. Thanks ghporras, let us know if there's anything else we can assist with here.

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oneblackcrayon oneblackcrayon, 5 years ago

I work in both Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp and I can clearly say yes, for feature heavy, bulky user interface, email sending program on the cheap: It's Mailchimp. For a designer-centered, ESP with just the features you need to send great looking email campaigns: Campaign Monitor. If you have built your business solely on email, it probably is time to diversify your client and services base to increase revenue.

For my full time contractor, I do more than just email: HTML & CSS support, Wordpress themeing on a very basic level and other tasks that makes me a more valuable asset to the team, which increases our revenue stream & puts more money in my pocket.

CM probably never will lower their prices to be more competitive with Mailchimp or others. Its just the way they view their business. It has always been a sticking point with a lot of clients/designers, the price to send campaigns from CM. I related that price structure & offering to Target vs Walmart or Apple vs every other computer/electronics company on Earth. Its about the experience, the ease of use. I will say this: if your business is hurting from using CM exclusively, add MC to your skills/services offering & grow your business there.

To CM, I will say the pricing feature hurts a bit, however, adding features to the lists & subscriber management section, adding a couple more features to the editor, such as editing a template online & adding images whenever you need them, and if conditionals for template, it would definitely make CM a more robust ESP and start to sway the tide of money & budget minded users.

PDD2010, 5 years ago

I have two big clients that both within the last few months decided to DIY when they realised Mailchimp was so cheap.

These clients were happy - but for the price - which, short of offering my services for free - I can't compete with.
I would like to see Monthly Pricing halved.

michele, 5 years ago

I think with the current global economic crisis, CM should be reduce the prices of monthly fees.

It's impossible to compete with MailChimp or Adobe Business Catalyst (10,000/Month with $31 and all the hosting package included).

At least create a price list reserved for web agency.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

@PDD2010 - thank you for sharing your experience with us here. As designers, it's always going to be a tough call trying to get clients who are price-sensitive and have the time and know-how to DIY, as they will always be able to pick and choose services (many of which are cheaper than Mailchimp!). That said, our focus has been on providing new features that hopefully you and your clients find to be good value for money - like the template builder, which we hope makes it easier for designers to sell email to this end of the market. That said, we're totally open to further suggestions as to how to give designers like you a greater competitive edge, price-wise included, so keep the feedback coming!

@michele - Thank you also for this update. In so much as we're keeping a keen eye on keeping our pricing competitive, overall we're focused on giving web agencies and clients a good app experience, great human support and client-pleasing features like worldview. Hopefully things like this are worth the price for your clients, even in this climate. We'll certainly pass on your feedback and keep you posted on this one - thanks again!

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Izbuh, 5 years ago
michele :

It's impossible to compete with MailChimp or Adobe Business Catalyst (10,000/Month with $31 and all the hosting package included).At least create a price list reserved for web agency.

MailChimp is working on a white label version... the latest information indicates the release in early summer.

kas2, 5 years ago

Mail Chimp has a loooooooooooooooong way to go before I would ever consider touching it. I had to use it once, and it was stressful - and I've been using email marketing systems for a long time. I actually am scared by the thought of having to train someone on using it.

Everyone I have ever trained on Campaign Monitor "just gets it". The system is so intuitive and easy to use, it's worth the extra pennies. Especially as I'm sure we'd get a billion time more support calls if it wasn't so easy to use.

BraceRosso, 5 years ago

This is the designer's dilemma - If you can sell it, CM offers the opportunity for more profit for the designer / agency.  If your customers are too price sensitive, and would prefer to use the likes of MailChimp, you're limited to a measly 15% profit margin - their agency commission rate.

I had visions of email marketing representing a much larger percentage of my small agency's revenues, so I chose CM, but the combination of ESP and email designer ubiquity plus the sophistication of my target customer made it more difficult than I anticipated, and as such, I have focused on other services instead.  I also thought that email services would make a good foot-in-the-door service to sell more profitable, larger projects, but it just doesn't happen very often.

So could it be worth it to switch from a CM white label solution to something else like MC?  Here's a comparison based on what I value - your priorities might be different.  I'm typing this up for my own benefit as much as the Forum Audience's, and have used MC as the defacto alternative.

I'm going to start with the competition:
Advantage MC: You'll likely have to charge more for your HTML design work to keep per-customer revenues up, but your clients would actually send support calls to MC, not you, saving you the cost of troubleshooting. 

Advantage MC:You'll have an opportunity to get paid to set up the Conditional statements that can be used to insert dynamic data into your campaign content.

Advantage MC:You wouldn't have to worry about clients "finding out" what platform your offering services through (and your margins) when they search for "CreateSend."  I hate feeling like I am deceiving my clients, but I defend it because I offer exceptional support availability and discuss their email objectives from a business and strategic point of view, not just a technical/execution one.  (not that they can all appreciate that)

Advantage MC: You can be more open with your clients about available integration tools.  If you're a CM White Label agency, once an integrated product is installed or suggested, and the client researches it, they can immediately see that it's CM that it's working with.  Want to use, Wishery, HubSpot, or WuFoo integrations?  It's pretty likely that your client will deduce what platform you're using.

Advantage MC:Want to experiment with turning your ESP into a lower cost marketing automation tool? MC's Autoresponders can be combined with a Beta tool called GoooalWant to impress the market CM? Work on something like Goooal for CM, and position yourself for the inevitable convergence of automation functionality and ESP's.

Advantage MC: You don't have to maintain a website that sells your white label email service any more.  Just work closely with an ESP partner, and you can potentially do co-branding, or even cross promotion.  Could a CM alternative point business to you without you even trying?

And now CM:
Advantage CM: Agencies can mark up services as much as they want, but they have to be able to sell it!  I've been able to successfully sell White Labeled CM at 50-100% markup, generating fairly profitable recurring revenue for my little agency.  It's not all profit, since I have to field calls on little things that go wrong here and there - usually their fault, but takes my time to determine that.  Tip: My most successful pitches are made to clients that were referred to me by someone else providing a different marketing-related service to the client - like PR

Advantage CM: White Label offers the opportunity to look bigger than you really are.  If you're already using a white label CMS, or have developed your own apps that your clients log into, CM could be a great fit to maintain that brand identity.

Advantage CM: CM keeps it simple.  I hate to admit it, but positioning your solution as the idiot-proof interface actually is worth something.  The challenge might be finding the right clients that value that.  I'm conflicted since I want tech-savvy clients, which makes them more demanding and more likely to know that emails should cost less than 2 cents each, more likely to ask for integrations, and more likely to know that it's CM that my solution is based on.  When I find a less sophisticated client that wants it as easy as possible, they're also much more likely to find some way to screw something up or get confused and call me.

Advantage CM: Pricing flexibility - As an agency, you can choose to charge (and mark up) clients' rates on a monthly or per-campaign basis.  This too has to be taken with a grain of salt since clients that have users that cross over multiple lists will be paying more (if using a monthly plan) than if they were using segments, which isn't always as convenient for the end user.

Advantage CM: It doesn't cost anything to maintain an email archive of campaigns and technically, automatically post links to a webpage.  I am yet to have a client take advantage of this feature though. Question for CM: does this feature still use the Campaign Name instead of the Subject Line for the automatically generated anchor text in the list of archived campaigns?  I've always thought that was silly since Campaign Names are for internal reference, and Subject Line is what the subscriber sees

SPLIT DECISION: Template availability/functionality - the number of great looking CM templates that you can manipulate to fit your clients needs is pretty impressive.  I have a hard time keeping track of them all.  Of course, if you're working 100% from scratch, you should charge more for your services, and you might be just as well off using another service.  Last time I checked with ConstantContact though, they made it pretty difficult for an agency to offer custom template design services.  They required you to use their custom design services and mark it up. (blech!)  MC however, offers a well thought-out templating language, and their templates include RSS feed templates, and something I wasn't aware of, AutoConnect templates, which connect campaigns with things your client might sell on iTunes, Etsy, Yelp, Amazon, or eBay.  Personally, I don't really want clients that run those kinds of businesses.

The verdict: It's been on my List-Of-Things-To-Do for a while now, but I want to test out the beyond-a-template features of MC to determine if I can generate more money for my agency by being more open about the technology I use and offering more sophisticated options to clients.  For now, I'm reluctant to go through the trouble, and sacrifice the profit that my existing (albeit small), email client base generates.  It's such a small percentage of my overall business though (about 5-6%), it probably doesn't matter much.

Stay Tuned, and I'll try and remember to post a follow up if I can find the time between writing way-too-long blog comments like this one to give some alternatives a try. 
CM: Thanks in advance for hosting such a long comment post, particularly when it involves a direct comparison.  I'm always available to chat about or provide perspective on any of these topics.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this BraceRosso, I'm sure many of our customers will find this information to be very useful. It's great for us to know, too - in terms of staying competitive and offering value to designers and rebranders alike.

does this feature still use the Campaign Name instead of the Subject Line for the automatically generated anchor text in the list of archived campaigns?

Yes, campaign name is used, presumably as these names are often more meaningful than subject lines. For example, a title like 'February Newsletter' is preferable to 'Get 15% off your next purchase' in the newsletter archive. Not always, but often. :)

Thanks again, we're looking forward to your updates.

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