Windows service and campaign monitor

Hi all,

I have a windows service that runs everyday . In that i am getting the name and email from the database .

I am trying to insert the subscribers using CampaignMonitorAPIWrapper.Subscriber.Add method . But it is not working. It is working if i call this method in aspx page.

Could you please tell me how to use this Campaingnmonitor in Windows service.


Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi Karnan,

The process for calling the API should be no different whether you're doing so from a service or from the codebehind of an aspx page.

The difference could be related to network configuration (is your service behind a firewall?) but it's hard for us to know what "it is not working" actually means. In what way is the API call failing? Are you logging any exceptions?

Perhaps contact us at support with a little bit more information (including your account name, the relevant lines of source, and any exception information), and we can look into it there.


karnawin, 6 years ago

Hi Phil,

Thank you so much. I have achieved adding subscribers by calling a external aspx page. Could please tell me network configuration what are the to be checked.

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