Removing inactive subscribers

I couldn't search for the related topic so I thought I'd create one or ask for some help on this.

After sending out 2 campaigns to similar (or added) emails, I noticed a similarity in numbers of recipients who read the email.

So what I'm wondering is...

Is there an easy way or option for me to remove inactive email recipients?

For example; if A hasn't opened to read the email twice then I want to remove him from my subscriber list.

Or do I have to manually cross check and remove them?

Thanks in advance.

Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

Hi Dannyfoo,

I wouldn't be too quick to trim down your list on these kind of criteria - remember that tracking is never 100% accurate and you may end up removing people who might otherwise be active and responsive recipients. Just because someone does not display images in their mail does not mean they haven't received it or opened it.

However, I'd imagine segmenting could provide the solution you're after - just filter out people who haven't opened whichever campaigns you select.

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
dannyfoo dannyfoo, 9 years ago

Hey Stormy,

Even if I didn't remove them, there isn't a simpler way to segment them so to speak. Like 'select recipients who didn't open the email' or something like that. Basically, filters like this would ease the burden of manual cross-checking. Especially if your list is more than 50.

But thanks for the suggestion and I'll try that out. Now, just need to manually do it.

Found out I could segment Recipients who didn't open the campaign easily. :)

Sorry about that CM and thanks for having that option.

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