After clients 'opt in' via Campaign Form, does it mean no junk folder?

Hi All
I have set up a 'opt in' form on my website, which I am asking clients (via a letter) to fill
in and submit. The form is the web code provided by Campaign Monitor, which goes through the click this link in the confirmation email ect.

If my clients join my 'opt in' list, when I send via this list inside Campaign monitor later, will the email document avoid their spam filters, as they have already ok'd Campaign Monitor? I am creating very simple (no images at all) html styled emails, low text and code content, good choice of words, and they are passing 100% C M filter tests and email program tests.

I need to understand this process, as it's crucial to wether my Campaigns will actually have ANY success.

I set the 'from' field to the main client email address, and the 'reply' field to the person who wants the responses.

Sorry, I cannot get the company who oversee the Mail Server to add any text record to unblock C M to the domain. They don't trust it as they claim it is not fully support by the technology.

I am hoping via the opt in method, I can avoid that impass.

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

No, I'm afraid it does not work quite like that - there is nothing that can guarantee your emails won't be filtered, mostly because the filtering is almost always related to the content of your emails.

Confirmed opt-in can help, especially if you tell your subscribers to white-list your 'from' address, but they can still be filtered. Authentication will help more, though I'm not sure why your mail server people won't add that for you, it is a standard practice.

Your best approach is to just test your emails as much as you can with as many different people as you can to see if they are generally getting through ok.

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