'Unsubscribe' is a Spam word, so the C M code is bad news?

I have noticed the word 'unsubscribe' is deemed by many email help sites as a big Spam red flag word.

And to have a C M link to remove a client from a list, you ask us to add your 'unsubscribe' code to your outgoing emails as company policy.

Isn't this potentially causing a problem? If this word is highlighted as Spam by default in many firewall and Spam filters, won't your hit rate decline with that?

It would be great if you could supply a bit of code without the subscribe word included, but that still works at your end re hot link to 'remove me from your email list'. I know I can change 'unsubscribe' to 'remove me from your email list' BUT I can't alter your code containing that word.

Stig Stig, 6 years ago

Hi Alamar,

The <unsubscribe> tags are actually only used internally in Campaign Monitor, so once you send the campaign, that code will be replaced with a regular link to an individual unsubscribe URL for each recipient. The URL does not contain the word "unsubscribe".

So as long as you use a different (but clear) wording for the unsubscribe text itself, there shouldn't be any mentions of the word "unsubscribe" added to the content or HTML when the campaign is sent.


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Alamar, 6 years ago

Hi Stig

Many thanks for that. It has allayed my fears.


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