CM + Formstack - Allowing email addy as user and set value as pswd?

I have a list of subscribers.

I want to create a campaign where I invite them to visit a page on my website that they must be a member of that list to view. In other words, I'd like them to use their email as username and a preset value (which I would set just for this campaign) as a password. Once they enter that information, they'd be taken to the page.

Is there any way to do this using CM and Formstack (or any other system, for that matter?)

Thanks for your help.

smart360, 6 years ago

You might try
They have quite a robust form builder which allows you access to the raw HTML code or Java Script to make modifications.  i have not used it in conjunction with CM yet but with the code being right there, I can't imagine it wouldn't work.  Good luck!

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