cURL PHP Error

I know there's a few errors on here regarding the new version of the API and the PHP wrapper, but I couldn't find one that matched my situation.

Basically, I'm trying to add a subscriber using this code:

require_once 'csrest_subscribers.php';
$wrap = new CS_REST_Subscribers('xxx', 'xxx');
$result = $wrap->add(array(
'EmailAddress' => $_POST[ "nlEmail" ],
'Name' => $_POST[ "nlName" ]

And am getting this error:

Warning: Missing argument 3 for CS_REST_Log::log_message(), called in /home/bridging/public_html/inc/class/transport.php on line 90 and defined in /home/bridging/public_html/inc/class/log.php on line 14
15:15:52 - 250: Error making request with curl_error: 1

Fatal error: Error making request with curl_error: Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl in /home/bridging/public_html/inc/class/transport.php on line 91

I know cURL is installed and operational on my server, as I use it elsewhere.

Has anyone experienced a similar error? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



tobyb tobyb, 6 years ago

Hi Rich,

Based on the error message it looks like your server doesn't have OpenSSL installed or the extension enabled in PHP. For a quick fix you can make calls over plain http by changing

CS_REST_Subscribers('177172795e37beda3d4d62cc023eaeea', '82acb1100d43ad98ca5bdd70ff3af72e');


CS_REST_Subscribers('177172795e37beda3d4d62cc023eaeea', '82acb1100d43ad98ca5bdd70ff3af72e', 'http');

however we'd definitely recommend using ssl to connect to the api and so you may need to install OpenSSL or enable the PHP extension. Instructions can be found here

richardjkeys, 6 years ago

Thanks, that did the trick. The next stumbling block was that I used the client's API key, rather than mine! Silly me.

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