Confirming behavior of suppression list

For testing purposes, I added an e-mail address to a client's active e-mail list. I then added that same e-mail address to the client-wide suppression list. Returning to the original list, I searched for that e-mail address and discovered that it was nowhere to be found -- it didn't appear on the active, unsubscribed, bounced or manually deleted subscriber lists. In fact, it seemed to have completely disappeared!

I then returned to the suppression list and REMOVED the e-mail address so that it would no longer be included in the suppression.

Then, I returned to my main e-mail list and searched for the e-mail address. Here I found that it was now marked as "unsubscribed."

Is this the intended behavior?

(It seems to me that once a person is removed from a suppression list, that their "status" should go back to what it originally was before they were added to the suppression list -- so that "active" subscribers can remain active, and be added to or removed from suppression lists as needed.)


Ken Ken, 9 years ago

Hi Lynsey,

Yes this is intended behaviour. When you added the email address to the suppression list, we remove that address from all your lists, and mark it as "Suppressed" rather than "Unsubscribed". This so you cannot accidentally resubscribe any email addresses that you have explicitly suppressed. That is why you cannot find them.

When you removed the address from the suppression list, we figure that you have made a mistake in adding it to the suppression list, and we changed the status of the addresses in your list from Suppressed to Unsubscribe. That way, you can resubscribe them if you want to.

The reason we change them to Unsubscribe rather than their old status, as you suggest, is that we're a little cautious, and we don't want any addresses appearing as Subscribed that shouldn't be there. Our philosophy has been that it is better to not send out an email to willing recipient than to send out an email to an unwilling one, and be in danger of being marked as spam. You will have to move the addresses back to Subscribed manually, I'm afraid.

I hope this explanation is helpful, and we're sorry if that this paradigm doesn't suit your needs!

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