html emails going out blank

Hi all,

Nice forum.
I have a weird situation I'm wondering if anyone else has ever encountered.

I have html emails that we send out as part of our marketing efforts.
Everything was working fine.
Then we got bought out, switched servers and now our emails go up either all jacked up or entirely blank.
We've found that if we send them during the day, they are fine.
If we send overnight, which is how we've always done it, it messes up.

The error we get is as follows:
The system cannot locate the resource specified

Any insights?

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Sorry, but could you clear things up a little? It sounds like you've rolled out your own engine to send your emails and it's having problems sending emails at certain times of the day?

Maybe you should save yourself the time of trying to figure out what the problem is and start using a third party to help send out your email newsletters - I think I know one that's pretty good (in my humble opinion).

Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

It might be considered by some to be a little bit cheeky to ask for support on CM's forums for a completely unrelated piece of software ;) but off the top of my head it may be that your new company has a 'Night Run' where it processes data, and during this time certain resources are unavailable. Googling the error looks as though it's related to XML handling.

If you want a fix, though, I'd really recommend you either get in contact with the company that wrote the software, contact your IT department, or use a better peice of software! I can certainly think of one that sounds very much better than what you're using...

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
icky_thump, 9 years ago

Hey Guys,

Thanks.  Yeah, didn't mean to be cheeky.  :-)  Found this site through Google and didn't really look close and get the full context of what it was.  Sort of assumed it was a general html email forum in a more general sense.  Anyway, my inhouse IT guy is whipping the corporate ones into shape.  Something to do with permissions.  Sort of like what you suggested Stormy.

Sorry for overstepping my bounds.

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