iPhone displaying some images with yellow background?

Hey all,

I have a strange issue with images within a basic html email.  I've tested it and works fine everywhere except on the iPhone.

The layout isn't breaking but for some reason on the two of the images it's changing the background colour?  What's weird is they aren't transparent gif's, they are solid colour (they are simply small rectangles of a logo (logo is just brown text) with a beige background colour) gif's but the iPhone seems to be keeping the brown text but changing to background colour of the gif to yellow?

Has anyone encountered this before?  I have the usual style applied (as with all the images):"border="0"  style="display: block;"" and it hasn't caused any issues with the other images?

Thanks all.

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hi Garry,

That's an odd one - are you certain that you are not just seeing the same colour rendered differently on two different screens?

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antanova, 6 years ago

I am experiencing exactly this issue right now. I can only assume that it's doing that because it's a link. I am going to try and solve it, and will report back.

My thinking is that the background colour is white, and on white parts of the image the iPhone is adding that yellow colour to somehow illustrate that it's a link rather than a normal image. Anyone else experienced this?

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antanova, 6 years ago

No, removing the link and replacing it with an mage map doesn't work. Have made the white part transparent and will see if the background colour (white) shows through this.

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