Finding the Subscribe date?

On this page I was hoping to see when the person subscribed and whether it was via the opt-in form, or added by myself.

As it's not there, is there someplace else I can find that information?

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Site tight, we've got a very nice change to this page coming soon. We're working on optimizing the performance a little and then you'll see this live in the coming weeks.

Rynert, 9 years ago

Great - when somebody reports me as spam I would like to go back and point out they went through double opt-in...

Rynert, 9 years ago

I see the new page - which is great... but... it is showing 'yesterday' for todays Activity.

Also, if I export and re-import the list it retains the subscribers data, including IP address etc but it changes the Joined Date to the date it is re-imported.

Is it possible to change this to keep the original date the subscriber subscribed, or show both?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Rynert, please fire an email to support with your account details so we can get to the bottom of both of these date issues for you. I agree that the original date should be left intact.

Rynert, 9 years ago

Hi Dave, I did that and have had no response :(

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Rynert, we make sure we answer every support question within hours (usually within minutes), so I'm guessing your enquiry never arrived. Try sending it to instead.

Rynert, 9 years ago

I have done that.

Please could you let me know here if it arrives - in the past you have been unable to send me e-mails.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago


Have you got the correct timezone set for your account? It's not currently possible to maintain the original date, because we track the most recent import - I will add a feature request from you for that though, and it's something we may consider in the future.

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