Editor won't load


I'm having an issue with the editor, but I seem to have figured out the problem - now I just need to know how to fix it!

If I navigate to Campaign Monitor via our required proxy server at work, the editor will not work. It loads the template and I can see the edit, move and delete icons and Add New Item button - but clicking them does nothing. I've tried Firefox and IE, the latter giving me an error of "'FCKeditorAPI is undefined' in editor.min.js".

However, if I navigate directly to Campaign Monitor and bypass the proxy, the editor works perfectly. Unfortunately, this workaround isn't an option for my colleague who will be in charge of editing content and sending the emails.

I can't believe I'm the first person to face this issue, but a search through the forums didn't turn anything up. I realise the error is quite vague, but can you think of anything that I could request the IT department to change to enable the editor to work through our proxy?

Much appreciated.

TMS, 6 years ago

Follow-up: I've since discovered that if I use https:// in the URL that it works through the proxy. Still not sure how to explain how to permanently resolve this to my IT department, so suggestions welcome.

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