Client details - email address

I want to create multiple clients so I can group campaigns under my different clients.

I don't want the clients logging in, nor campaign monitor contacting the clients.

When I create a new client I must supply a unique email address for each.  Is that email address for my reference or does campaign monitor contact the clients for something?

I tried just putting in my email but that will only work for the first client.  I guess the question really is what is that email address used for?

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Hi Vision,

We need an email address on file for each client account so that we can send them password resets and any other important system emails (such as "Your account has been approved") from time to time when needed. All of these emails are white labeled and are sent "from" your (account's) email address.

However, if you are not giving your client account access then these emails are not appropriate, so you can probably just use your own email addresses instead.

vision, 6 years ago

The system (at least the API) will not permit you to reuse an email address.  I tried putting in our own but it says it already existed. 

With your explanation we might work something else out though, thanks.

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Set up an email address for each client at your end so [clientname]@yourdomain/ and then use that? You can always group those emails and forward them to a catchall address?

Jonathon Joyce
Diana Diana, 6 years ago

If your system let's you create aliases (like gmail with their +something to any address) that's a quick way to do it. Addresses do need to be unique at all times, just because we have no way of knowing that you won't be giving that client access or it's just you, the designer, using the account.So the system still needs a unique address to be able to handle password requests and such.

D. Potter
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