Possible to add Twitter & Facebook feeds to email?

We would like to add a "Latest Tweet" and "Latest Facebook Post" feature to our campaigns. Has anyone had any luck?


Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hey Jeff,

Right now you'd need to do that manually (or construct your campaign via the API) as Campaign Monitor doesn't have a way to pull information in for you.

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iamelliot iamelliot, 6 years ago

We've done this a couple times for some clients - used more as a sample of that they'd get if they followed on twitter rather than an up to date message (so we did it manually). You could potentially pull in the rss and publish it in, but it may be over engineering the situation when it's so easy to copy and paste and 'hard code' it.

Either way you'd freeze the latest tweet at the time of send - the email wouldn't pull in the latest tweet at the time the user opens the email (you'd need javascript, and that's a no go.. for now:) )

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mcgarrah, 6 years ago

Thanks guys!

I had assumed that the "latest" post/tweet would mean the latest at the time of sending, not dynamic based on the time of opening the email (although that would be nice).

I may look in to pulling in the RSS feed. The email we are creating is a template that we are handing over to our client, so I want to make it as idiot-proof as possible.

For the first time, I'm jealous of mailchimp since they offer this feature (although not jealous enough to leave CM).

Thanks again,

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