Width problem with text in TD Outlook 2007

Hi all

I've been looking for a lot of messages and forums and I can't find anything similar to my problem, sorry in advance if this is a common problem I could find an easy solution anywhere.

I've got a table with 5 tds. The first TD is an image, the second is text, the third is an image, fourth is text again and finally fifth is an image. The width of the table is fine but the width of the TD with text is not as wide as I declare it on td width nor a div inside with width through style nor p with width through style also.

I am very frustrated with this issue, anyone could help me?

Thanks in advance

mikeebee, 6 years ago

Have you declared a width on all of the cells not just the one's with the text in? Post the code if you like.

adolflow, 6 years ago

well, after lot of readings and tests I decided to change the table and now the problem is mainly with the height of the TD which I want to fix in order to include text.

I think the TD width problem is solved if I do not use more than 3 TDs, so I've changed to nested tables and it works.

But what do you think about to control the height of a TD with text?

mikeebee, 6 years ago

From what I've seen controlling height is unpredictable and ignored in some clients. But I'm also not really sure what problem you're having. Is the height not adjusting if you add text?

adolflow, 6 years ago

right! I just resolved this changing the structure of the table.

If I had something like this:
TD(img) TD(text) TD(img) TD(text) TD(img)

I changed to something more complex with nested tables: where I found a problem with the TD filled of text. I put a table to put around TRs and TDs with transparent img.

I also filled white spaces with table bgcolor.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback

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