Webhook test issue

Hi, I'm trying to test the webhooks.
I've created a webhook for 3 events

{'Events': [ 'Subscribe','Deactivate','Update' ], 'Url': 'http://validurl.com/subscription?cm_notification=on', 'PayloadFormat': 'json'}

and then activate it. Seems everything went ok.
But when I'm trying to test it using


the servers responds me with next result:

{"ResultData":{"FailureStatus":"ConnectFailure","FailureResponseCode":0},"Code":610,"Message":"The webhook request has failed"}

Also, I don't get any request from CampaignMonitor when I manage the list (subscribe, unsubscribe).

Thanks in advance.

tobyb tobyb, 6 years ago

Hey Alexander

It looks like the url you are provided is not accessible by our servers. A ping of the IP address you've used times out. More details about the 'ConnectFailure' can be found here. This can be helpful to make sure the wider internet can see your server properly.

Nadenson, 6 years ago


I'm trying to test webhooks too, on localhost. It is not connected to internet, and your servers cannot reach 'me'.

Is there a way ? Like using ssh or another way to connect temporarily our servers ?

I find something like this, but it doesn't work here.

ssh your_user@your-remote-server.com -R 8000:
jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

A basic requirement of being able to test a webhook is that the url you specify be accessible from our API servers. If it isn't, it's obviously not going to work.

You can use whatever means you like to make your local machine publicly accessible on the internet, and I am sure there are a variety of resources available to help you do that. e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2539461/how-to-access-java-servlet-running-on-my-pc-from-outside

Nadenson, 6 years ago

Thanks a lot, it worked :)

Sorry to bother you again, but I'm concerning about security. How can I be sure it's your server that call my page, and not a hacker ? I was thinking about testing the id list, which is private, but it is vulnerable to a man-of-the-middle attack.

So, maybe I can test the incoming IP ? Do you have a static IP (or a pool) ?

Thanks a lot for your product, it's great :)

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

This exact issue was being discussed recently over on the Freshbooks Developer Community forums.

I would agree with the suggested solution there, of using some sort of secret in the URL, rather than checking IP addresses.

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