Linking to a specific page within a pdf

Hello...happy new year to everyone, my first post of the year.

Been trying to get a link to open a specific page within a pdf. Within most mainstream browsers appending...


...will get the pdf to open on the desired page. The one exception is Chrome which I think because of its native support for pdfs doesn't work in the same way and therefore this doesn't yet work.

Now, I understand that CM rewrites URLs for tracking purposes so if i try and use a link going to a specific page it only opens the pdf. Reading a previous post that Stig was involved with he suggested adding cm_dontconvertlink to prevent link conversion.

Tried this... and it appears to be working ok for the browsers they are specifically worried about. However looking at the code after the inclusion of the cm_dontconvertlink appended to this is ="" should this be there?


davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hi Richard,

What is the final URL that is actually being produced? If cm_dontconvertlink is used then the link should be left completely alone.

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