Fallback implementation with <a> tags

I'm relatively new with CM and personalising emails with fallbacks etc. I'm having troubles with a fallback request..

I have one mailing list within this mailing list the group is divided into two groups (some of our recipients will be members on our site and others won't be).  We want to have a link that goes from the email to our website but the recipient's that are registered will have a unique link that takes them to their logged in profile page to update their details. The recipients who are not registered to update their details replace with a general link to our register page.

So I create custom tag, and that contains a unique id link to each of the members that are currently registered. Looks like this:

Now that's fine for my registered customers, but my none registered customers will have no link to display, so I add a fallback like this with a link.
[ID,fallback=<a href="www.mydomain.com/register.html">Click here to register</a>]

but when i test this the link opens and then says this page cannot be displayed. What is displayed in the URL bar is CM's tracking codes etc.

Does fallback allow <a> tags? and is there a proper way to do it? as it doesn't seem to work for me.

thanks in advance!

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago


URLs in the fallback should work - can you give us the complete code you are using with the tag, so we can see what might be going wrong?

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GBrooksy, 6 years ago

hi, thanks for your prompt response. It's quite odd, I've just checked the code again and now it's pushing out something different than before. I.e it pushes out my <a> tags fine but looks like its outputted in plain text. :S

here's my code,

[ID, fallback=<a href="http://www.my-domain.co.uk/register-login.aspx">Click here to visit my-domain</a>]

When I just tested this it gets displayed like this:
<a href="http://www.my-domain.co.uk/register-login.aspx">Click here to visit my-domain</a>

am i doing something wrong here?

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