Hard Bounce

My main contact at my client did not receive the weekly email we produce for them. When looking at the Bounce Reporting she was marked as a Hard Bounce. I've double checked that we sent to her correct email address. She should have never been marked as a hard bounce. I could possibly understand a soft-bounce. Also, by way of background, we've been sending the newsletter for 2 years now through CM and never had this come up before.

Any ideas as to why she would be flagged as hard bounce?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Our system works by reading the bounce message and classifying it as a soft or hard bounce depending on the message. If you contact support with the specific email address, we may be able to go back and see the exact bounce headers for you.

Basically, it would only be called a hard bounce if the receiving server is saying 'this is permanently undeliverable' - so we'd need to dig in to find out why.

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