custom error landing page

Hi everyone,

Sorry if my problem is already solved somewhere in the faq or forum but I couldn't find it. Ok, I'm french and I would like to customize and translate the error landing page.

ie : if a user hit the submit button with something wrong in the email address, the browser will go to the error landing page. But this page is in english and my readers speak french.

I Have success to customize  and translate the subscribe/unsuscribe landing pages but I couldn't find a way to do this one.

So any help or tips will be nice.

Thanks in advance.


Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Hi Erick,

Welcome to the forums!

Instead using Campaign Monitor's server validation (and default error screen), you could use JavaScript browser validation to make sure all data fields are valid before the form submits to our servers.

James Dennes wrote up a nice post on our blog explaining how you can set this up.

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